The BEST Sunless Tanning Lotion I Will Never Stop Using!

Happy Friday, my friends!  I hope you all have had the best week!  The weekdays and weekends seem to blur into each other these days, but it has been a good and productive week.

With summer still in full swing, I have been working hard to keep that sun-kissed look on my skin.  For years, I hunted for the perfect sunless tanner.  I have tried SO MANY THINGS!  From drug store options to professional kits, I feel as though I’ve tried it all!  But despite all the claims to the contrary, everything I tried missed the mark.  Every single product either left me with the dreaded orange tint, had an unpleasant odor, rubbed off on my clothes, or left me with streaks.  I’ve honestly never found one that I just love….until now!

My dear friend told me I HAD to try this stuff.  I’ll admit…I was skeptical!  But after one application, I was sold.  Whether you are fair-skinned or have a beautiful olive-tone that I can only dream about, this tanning lotion will work for you!  And the best part is that it’s only $36 for a BIG bottle that will last you a while.  It isn’t for daily use, so you won’t have to replenish too often.  Shop HERE.

It smells divine!

Most sunless tanners are known to have a distinct smell that isn’t that great.  But not this one!  My favorite new find has a subtle but pleasant smell that you won’t mind at all.  If sun-kissed had a smell, this would be it!

It works FAST & lasts!

I noticed my skin developing a subtle tan the day after I applied it.  The color comes gradually, but I promise it won’t rub off.  This sunless tanner is actually a lotion that you apply right after you dry yourself off from the shower.  It goes on just as your daily moisturizer would.  Here’s a tip….I actually add some of my daily moisturizer to my hand and rub the two together.  This keeps my skin moisturized and helps the lotion go on very evenly.  Also, you will love how long it lasts.  Again, this lotion is not for daily use.  I have been using it every 3 days or so and have been super happy with how even my color stays!

It looks so natural!

Gone are the days of looking like you rolled in Cheetoh dust.  This sunless tanner has such a natural tone to it as it develops on your skin.  I have actually received several compliments on how tan I look this summer.  That’s a win in my book!

Although this tanning lotion is extremely easy to use, there are still a few things you can do to get the perfect glow.  Always exfoliate before you use the lotion for the first time.  You won’t want to do that frequently, as that will remove the tan you’ve built.  But it is a good way to prep your skin to get started.  Also, use the lotion sparingly around the elbows, knees, and ankles.  This is true of all self-tanners.  ALWAYS wash your hands after applying, making sure to wash between your fingers and also the inside of your wrists.  I forgot to do that once…..and I definitely had a little darkening the next day.  That’s obviously not what you are looking for!  And finally, let the lotion dry completely before getting dressed.  I adore wearing this $10 towel wrap for a few minutes after I apply the lotion.

So there you have it!  And this is just a good ol’ fashioned product review.  I’m not being paid to say good things, I promise!  Like I said, you will LOVE this tanning lotion.  Say goodbye to worshipping the sun and tanning beds (of course!).  You won’t need them anymore.  Grab your favorite swimsuit and straw hat (check out my favorite hats here!) and hit the beach.  Summer is still calling!

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