My Visit to Kugler Vision, the Best in Omaha!

I recently had the opportunity to visit Kugler Vision in Omaha, Nebraska for the first time.  My family already goes to Dr. Lance Kugler for all of their eye care and consistently sings their praises.  So I decided to check them out for myself since I was long overdue to have my eyes checked.  I have been to an eye doctor before and somewhat know the drill.  Or at least I thought I did!  Let me just say that my time at Kugler Vision was unlike any other doctor visit I have ever had…in such a good way!

From the sleek architecture to the furniture, from the artwork to even the color of the walls, it is clear that the Kugler team designed their office with the patient in mind.  The windows to the outside are tinted in such a way that they adjust to the amount of light filtering in, which is key given that eye sensitivity would be a factor for many patients.  They have a hospitality area that is not only stunning but also stocked with fruits, yummy snacks, and chilled beverages, even a featured drink of the season!  They actually bake all of their own cookies in house!  I have never experienced something like that before at a visit to the doctor.  You almost feel as though you were at a resort!

I was immediately struck by how calm and serene the front area is.  Little did I know that this is intentional and all part of the patient experience.  Part of this calming environment comes from the fact that something is actually missing!  You won\’t hear any ringing phone lines in the reception area.  In stark contrast to most physician’s waiting rooms, Kugler Vision does not answer their phones in the front area, and you won\’t see any computers, files, or paperwork.  They have an area in the back dedicated to patient services so that the front area remains quiet and undisturbed.

The final stage of my exam was my meeting with Dr. Kugler.  Dr. Kugler was very friendly, not at all in a rush as some doctors seem to be.  He was willing to answer any and all questions I had.  The advanced technology they utilize was further evident as Dr. Kugler pulled up the results of my eye scans that had literally just happened.  Seeing for myself the actual results of my eye scans was really interesting and helpful!

Let\’s be honest, a doctor\’s office is a business.  And the more services they bill out, the more money they make.  But here is where I felt that Kugler Vision, and Dr. Kugler himself, kept my best interests at the forefront.  The staff could have recommended Lasik or any other corrective procedure, and I would have trusted their recommendation.  We are, after all, going to them for the expert opinion.  However, Dr. Kugler told me that not only did I have perfect vision (a huge plus at my age!), but that he didn\’t recommend any vision assistance or corrective procedure at this time, other than regular eye exams.  I truly appreciated his honesty and objective professional opinion.

While I didn\’t need any of the services that are performed in the surgical center, I was given a tour of the remainder of the facilities (which include patient recovery areas, surgery center, and administrative offices).  The recovery rooms are very private, accommodating, and offer dim lighting for comfort.  Surgical patients also go home with an awesome \”swag bag\” featuring a blanket, mug, and more.  Um, I have never been to a doctor who gave me a swag bag….have you?  The procedure room is absolutely top notch.  You can trust that the latest technology is in full use in this room.  One fun fact I can offer is that the surgeons at Kugler Vision let the patient select the music that streams during their procedure.  I find that to be such a thoughtful touch that really reflects the concern they have for a patient’s comfort level.

The doctors and surgeons at Kugler Vision are all local to the area and have a true desire to bring the latest and most innovative technology to Omaha.  Their amazing lineup of doctors includes surgeons Lance Kugler, MD, and Mike Stuntz, MD, plus optometrists Mollie Hiatt, OD, and Dusty McIver, OD.  These doctors are all very committed to supporting local businesses.  One really nice feature is the decor in the examination rooms.  Each room is uniquely decorated to pay homage to some of Omaha\’s most well-known and iconic locations (featuring the Old Market, Blackstone District, Dundee, Elmwood Park, Benson, Florence, Happy Hollow, South Omaha, and Old Town Millard).  Each room is actually its own work of art because Kugler Vision commissioned a local photographer (the amazing Dana Damewood, check her out here or follow her on Instagram) to bring these gems of Omaha to life on the walls of each room.  When you really study this original and life-size artwork, you can feel the staff\’s love for their hometown.

To say that I recommend Kugler Vision is an understatement.  I felt at ease during my entire appointment and left the office confident that I had received the best possible care available.  I will definitely return to them for all of my eye care needs in the future.  Your vision is vitally important and should not be bargain shopped.  If you are searching for an eye doctor in the Omaha area, Kugler Vision is truly the best!


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