My thoughts on how to shop the Nordstrom Sale!

Are you shopping the 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?  Unless you’ve been under a rock, you might have heard that there is a sale going on, LOL!  It truly is a great sale and one of my favorites of the year.  If you are looking ahead to fall, this is the perfect time to pick up some staple pieces at a fraction the price before the season even arrives.

But as great as it is…..the sale can be overwhelming.  Social media will convince you that you need it ALL, and that is hard on the wallet!  Frenzy buying may cause you to end up with some things you don’t need simply because everyone else is telling you to buy it.  So here is my advice for shopping the sale SMART!

Before you buy……

  • With each purchase, ask yourself if it’s a need or a want.  I try to limit myself to just 2-3 wants.  It’s always fun to buy something new, but you want to spend your money on something you will actually wear and use.
  • Determine your budget and stay within it!  This is so key, and it will help you narrow down what you really want.
  • Shop early.  This sale is notorious for featuring pieces that sell out.  Some things will restock and some won’t.  I suggest if you’re really on the fence about something, buy it and then make your decision when it arrives.  Nordstrom has such a great and easy return policy, so take advantage of it!
  • It’s a great time to shop for the entire family!  While women’s fashion is by far the biggest seller of the sale, there are some GREAT buys in men’s, kids, home, and beauty!
  • Stick to the staples.  You can definitely find boots, booties, cardigans, denim, and sweaters that are worth investing in!
  • Finally, ask yourself if you REALLY need something.  Is it your style?  The world has changed, and we find ourselves wearing comfy loungewear while staying at home most days.  If you can’t think of at least 2-3 ways to style something, I would suggest passing on it in favor of something you for sure will wear!

Here are some of my favorite purchases and picks that I am still hoping to get my hands on for the sale!


I am Tracy. I’m a mom of two who loves a good denim jacket, chips and queso, and dinner dates with my hubby. I believe fashion should be fun, versatile, and always express who you really are. Thanks for being here!


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