Cryotherapy, and why it’s the BOMB!

If you know me at all, then you know I despise being cold.  I mean DESPISE it!  So when Matt at West Omaha Cryotherapy reached out to me to have me come try cryotherapy for the first time, I was SUPER hesitant.  I knew very little about it, but I did know that it involved sub-zero temps.  That is about as far out of my comfort zone as I can get!  My daughter and husband had tried it and loved it.  When I heard about being cold, I told two of them “No thanks!”.  But I will admit I was curious.

So I asked Matt for some more information.  I wanted to know what it was all about and if it really was as good as everyone says.  Matt reassured me that I wouldn’t be miserable, as was my fear.  Here is how it works:

“Invented in 1978 by physicians in Japan, Whole-Body Cryotherapy (WBC) was originally thought to be a cutting edge treatment for rheumatic disorders. Over time, this innovative cold therapy has been clinically proven to offer so much more. Taking only three minutes, WBC is pain free, fast, and effective. During each session temperatures reach below -200° F. The dry nitrogen vapor used to lower temperatures in the Cryo-Sauna cabin result in a very tolerable cold. Users of WBC experience incredible benefits such as enhanced athletic recovery, inflammation reduction, chronic pain management, fibromyalgia & restless leg relief, and mood enhancement. WBC also offers a boost in immune health, antioxidant levels, and over all well being.”

Matt went on to explain exactly how it does this.  “Whole body cryotherapy uses cold to trick the brain.  As we cool the skin’s surface over the whole body, the brain reacts as if the body needs protection against the cold.  The result is a system-wide response by the body where its natural cold defenses are activated.  These systemic reactions that take place when the body engages its survival response are where the benefits come from.”

So I was intrigued and also a bit reluctant, but I decided to do it.  My daughter, Cameron, had just come off a state championship in volleyball (go Skyhawks!), so Matt said to bring her, too.  She was a seasoned pro at this, and she thought I was being a big baby.  So off we went with my hubby in tow to document the process.

I will say that Matt was SO friendly, so accommodating, and beyond thorough in explaining how it all would go.  I was a bit unsure of it all, but I truly did want to see what it was all about.  They take your blood pressure to see where you start.

Getting all ready!

The next step is getting changed.  You go into a room where there is a robe and socks, and slippers to change into.  You leave your undies on, put on socks, and a robe.  It is all very discreet and really not a big deal at all (this coming from a girl who is EXTREMELY modest and shy about all of that stuff!).  And then you are all ready!

 All ready to go!

Again, Matt explained the entire process, step-by-step.  I have a couple pictures below to show the process.  You hop in, close the door, lose the robe, (all VERY discreet, of course), put on some gloves, and just turn 90 degrees every 15 seconds.  The temp continues to drop and bottoms out at -260 Fahrenheit.  Yes, you read that right!  It really was quick and easy.  Now don’t get me wrong, I was absolutely freezing, and my teeth were chattering.  The surface of your skin tingles, almost even a stinging sensation.  But it wasn’t painful.  Just really, REALLY cold.  The timer on the side counts down the 3 minutes and shows the temperature dropping.  Pictures are a little fuzzy, but you get the drift.


And it was over before I knew it.  I put my robe back on, stepped out, and……….I felt like a million bucks!  I honestly couldn’t believe it.  I figured it would take me hours to warm back up, but I actually did that really quickly.  I felt very relaxed.  I actually suffer from Ankylosing Spondylitis, which is a fancy way of saying that I have a crippling form of arthritis in my lower spine.  I experience a tremendous amount of pain from time to time, but I will say this.  My back felt AMAZING after I was done and for days following.  I was thrilled with the outcome and would be happy to do it again.

All smiles and feeling great!

West Omaha Cryotherapy  actually has memberships available.  This is the kind of thing that can be truly beneficial with continued sessions.  They were voted Best of Omaha for 2019, so that shows you the caliber of what they are doing.

And the best part, Matt gave me the opportunity to offer all of my friends their first session for only $25!  Just mention “The Fashion Sessions” to get your discount.  With the holidays here, this would make a GREAT gift or stocking stuffer (you can buy a gift card for the visit if you prefer).  I will definitely be doing this again.  My fears were unfounded, and I really enjoyed the benefits!

Check out their website here for more information and to see the other services they offer.  Be sure to follow them on Instagram here to keep up on the latest.  It’s safe to say that I’m a fan!


I am Tracy. I’m a mom of two who loves a good denim jacket, chips and queso, and dinner dates with my hubby. I believe fashion should be fun, versatile, and always express who you really are. Thanks for being here!


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